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About Us

Abhinandan Infra India conceptualized with the  idea to address the need and demand of the urban dweller who need guidance and advice about their investment decisions in real estate , who seek to look for a advisor who can understand their need and provide real estate solutions as per their requirement .
Though there are number of players in the market who can provide solution , but most of them are oblivious to the need of the client and in fact sell and suggest product which has little or no use for the client. Furthermore these agents are more of collecting funds for the builders and have little empathy towards the client , their service end once the initial cheque is received from the client.

While we at Abhinandan Infra India introduce our self as the warrior and a guardian who will provide HOPE to these clients and will provide clean and clear solution with a promise to endeavor to constantly work for the betterment of the relationship, once built.

Our team of experts with their vast experience in the line will first scrutinize and rate the property before we advice the project to the client and this will only be the start of a relation

Our product which is backed by data and analytics empowers our users to make informed and intelligent decision based on real time data. Today more value is created from being armed with the right information that facilitates identification and execution of successful investment strategies.

We at Abhinandan Infra India consistently strive to expand our coverage, services and operations, as well as to serve the evolving needs of our clients and capture growth opportunities in the real estate service industry.

So lend your hand to ours and we promise to never let you down. We welcome you to the Abhinandan family.

Abhinandan infra is the best award winning property consultant assisting customers in making informed and correct decision regarding investment in real estate.

Vision and mission

  • Honest: You will not be offered anything that you do not need
  • One-stop shop: Get different products under one roof
  • Privacy: Our information is secure – we do not share our databases with anyone
  • Expertise: Our advisors are highly trained and supported by industry experts